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Maria Montessori Tawana Williams ECE101: Introduction to Early Childhood Education April 28, 2012 I agree with the theorist of Maria Montessori I agree that children learn best in a prepared environment. According to (Morrison, 2009) a prepared environment is a place in which children can do things for themselves. The prepared environment makes learning materials and experiences available to children in an orderly format (p12). The classroom is set up so that the children are able to walk around the class independently and choose the work that they want to work with. I believe that when children are able to choose what they want to work with, they take more of an interest in their work, instead of feeling like they are being force to do something that they don’t want to do. With the Montessori program the teachers attend school so that they know and understand their role as a Montessori teacher, the things that they will have to know in order to be prepared to teach the children. For example: The Prepared Environment, Play Children’s Work, Practical Life and Respect for Children. The Prepared Environment is setup so that everything is on the child’s level. With my experience from with working in the Montessori environment kids do learn in a prepared environment as well as through play. According to (Morrison, 2009) the prepared environment supports basic, practical life activities, such as walking from place to place in an orderly manner, carrying objects such as trays and chairs, greeting a visitor, and learning self–care skills (pg. 10). Learning how to wash your hands When I was teaching in the Montessori classroom we had to teach them the proper way to wash your hands, which in this day and time hand washing is very important. Since everything that we use we are touching them with our hands first. According to (Morrison, 2009)

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