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AP US History Chapter 26 Questions 1) What were the major problems FDR faced when taking over the presidency in 1932?*Franklin Delanor Roosevelt was left to take over the United States in 1932 in the midst of a financial crisis. This crisis was the largest economic depression known to date and was called the Great Depression; it devastated millions of people and left them poor, homeless, and unemployed. Millions of people lost their life savings to bank foreclosures, and the economy was completely a bust because the stock market crashed. Roosevelt was left to revive an entire economy and all of America’s population from an economic downturn. 2) What were the key aspects of his first 100 days?*Roosevelt instituted a huge number of relief programs in the first 100 days of his presidency. The amount of people unemployed was shrunk by the millions because of him, and there was a substantial increase in the amount of money flowing in the economy. The economy was well established and fixed near the end of his presidency thanks to all his reform efforts and his relief programs and restrictions on banks. 3) Identify the critics of the New Deal and explain and evaluate their criticisms.*People of the large corporations that for the most part ran the American economy and other people with their American rights opposed Roosevelt. Together they formed the American Liberty League to oppose the New Deal. They claimed that the New Deal imposed dictatorial policies and their supposed attack on free enterprise was very similar to communism. The communist and socialist parties also strongly opposed the New Deal. Although many of these political groups had serious points, they failed to bring any mass attention. 4) To what extent was the New Deal era a successful one for African Americans, Native Americans, and women?* Native Americans, women, and African Americans

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