Mari Sandoz's Story Of Crazy Horse

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After interviewing individuals living in the 1930’s, Mari Sandoz wrote the biography of Crazy Horse, with vivid details regarding cruelty and the governmental overtaking of the Indians’ homeland. Sandoz writes through the eyes of an Indian, using their language style to capture the essence of the times. Although it was sometimes difficult to follow because of my unfamiliarity with the language, there are great lessons to be gained by following the life of Crazy Horse. The United States government, our government, compromised and prepared treaties with the Indians as they tried to capture their homeland. As the Indians were pushed and confined, they were forced to succumb to the all-mighty government who made promises they did not intend to keep and were solely focused on their own interests. However, despite such an unfortunate situation, heroes came forward to set an example and lead their people, as indicative with Crazy Horse. There is a clear parallel with the times in which Crazy Horse lived in the 1930s and almost a century later, in the…show more content…
However, after analyzing the full text, Mari Sandoz’s representation of Crazy Horse is more than just the basic story about the government pushing the Indians from their homeland and confining them to designating areas. There is a direct parallel to our current governmental situation, as elected officials push their way into areas they should not go and do not deserve to be. Furthermore, we have a greater problem in that there really is a lack of a Crazy Horse in our times to fight back. As I think more, though, I laugh because maybe our Peace Studies class will create some Crazy Horses. This novel is quite fitting to end the semester, because it seeks to teach us that to make an impact and to make a change, we must fight the norm and not accept the status quo, just as we have been trying to

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