Margret Sanger's Argument Against Abortion

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“No woman can call herself free who does not own her own body”, said Margret Sanger (Margret Sanger). This idea seems to plays an important role for those who are pro-choice. Pro-choice supports a woman’s right to choose whether or not to become a mother (Haney 45). Legal abortion makes a remarkable improvement to women's lives, but pro-life counterattack's can eliminate hard-won achievements, developing more danger and less freedom for American women. If abortion were illegal, the government would be in a sense controlling a woman’s body, and personal freedom for her would be lost. The government cannot make laws telling a woman what she can and cant do with her body (Haney 45). It should be up to the woman to have a child, not an alternative forced on her by the government. When abortion was illegal, back alley abortions became the leading death for young woman in…show more content…
Regardless of what laws are in place, their will always be women seeking abortions who don’t want to face the shame at school, deal with the anger of their parents, or the lifetime responsibility of motherhood. If abortion is outlawed, women will take action in other ways to terminate the pregnancy; they could starve themselves, use drugs or alcohol, or pursue "back alley" abortions. Therefore instead of getting an abortion in a safe, licensed manner, they turn to dangerous, unlicensed ways that can lead to sterility, other damage, and death. The long-term developmental problems experienced by children whose mothers did not want to bear them have been documented based on studies conducted by the U.S. and Sweden (Gale Group). The problems suffered by children relate to emotional, educational, and functional disorders that appear to increase in severity as the child reaches

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