Marginal World Essay

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The deafening sound of the rapids echo throughout the valley, and the volume of the noise increases as my feet lead me down the worn dirt path. It is here where the human capacity for thrill is tested; it is here where nature controls the fate of whosoever dares to challenge it. For wildlife it is the center of life, energy surges through these waters offering revitalization to those who will take it. The noise of the water transforms into a symphony, sweet music to my ears and I become aware of a lovely breeze sinuously wrapping around me and wiping my hair past my face. Then behind a cluster of ferns it comes into view; the Yakagany River. The beauty that encases this river is overwhelming; this river, carved out of the valley, erases any sign of hectic, bustling life and sets the stage for the fascinations of nature to perform. Once in the raft, the mysterious nature of this river is revealed as well as the power it now holds over me, its taunting attitude rages as the rapids take over, testing both ability and courage. For a moment the beauty that captivated me is forgotten as I fight the strong river, and its deathly rapids, it ends quickly though, resulting in a fast heart beat and soaking clothes. The river settles to a calm and serene pace, it is acting sly, giving me a simple victory to build my confidence before it strikes again. A screeching noise becomes audible while I am pondering over the river’s intentions, the screeching is familiar, a noise that has registered in my ears before, my eyes quickly find the source of the noise and my body fills with delight, it is a bald eagle. The majestic creature is breathtaking; it sweeps down skimming the water and plunges back into the deep blue sky, screeching and announcing his dominance over everything that lives below him, informing all creatures that he is the king of this river. Then with a sudden move

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