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“Marginal” In Ian Frazier’s “In Praise of Margins”, “marginal” places and activities are described to readers. He believes that “marginal” places and activities might not work out in the economic world. But in other ways, they are valuable because they avoid the busy jammed up world by letting people do things in these places without being stressed out. In the essay, the difference between being a child and an adult is shown in “the woods”. As a child, Frazier and his friend did senseless fun things with no worries like throwing rocks, shooting frogs, making forts, and climbed trees. As they grew-up, the “marginal” place and activities in “the woods” have became different for them. They begin to have their own goals to achieve and their own problems to solve. At the same time it was also a good place for them to have fun and hang out. Just like our busy world today, we sometimes need a break to step out to help us relax. Therefore, “marginal” places and activities also give us a chance for us to hang out and have fun with our friends and family. In my opinion, I agree with Frazier’s ideas that “marginal” activities and places are valuable. Frazier’s and his friends did a lot of activities by just doing things out of nowhere but at the same time had a lot of fun doing it. They could think of hundreds of things to do together with no worries and always lost track of the time. “We spent hours at a time in trees, afflicting the best perches with so many carved-in names, hearts arrows, and funny sayings from the comic strips.”(Frazier, 3rd paragraph) When I was a child, I enjoyed riding my bike with my friends around the area I lived in. Everyday after class, the first thing we would do when we got home was to put down our backpacks and then go out to ride our bikes. We would ride and ride as far as we wanted to. We would even ride

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