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Mardi Gras Essay

  • Submitted by: matthewwillis81
  • on March 27, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Matthew Willis
DEVE 0880-105A
  People come from all over the country to see all the magnificent floats driving by and throwing beads and stuffed animals to people shouting the loudest. Then when it’s over people have barbeques outside       Where the floats just passed by, people cook chicken, hotdogs, ribs, and much more. Finally when everyone is done they go home with bags full of beads and stuffed animals and see how much they have and maybe throw some next year. Mardi Gras has been a tradition in Louisiana for many years.
    There are a lot of floats that pass by on Mardi Gras. Big ones, small ones, colorful ones, and some that are just plain out weird, but they all do the same thing and that is throwing bead and stuffed animals to everyone that is loud.   Also people yell at the floats and the people on the floats throw beads to the people that yell the loudest and look like they are having and good time.
    Eating is what people do during the parade of floats passing by. Most people barbeque chicken, hotdogs, hamburgers, ribs, and much more, but everyone has king cakes which are only in Louisiana. The smell of the people barbequing is marvelous. Everyone has an abundance of food; therefore no one goes hungry and maybe have enough for leftovers the next day.
    After everything is over; the floats and eating, people pack their chairs, towels, bags of beads, barbeque pits and head on home after an exhaustive day. When they get home they take the beads out the bags and keep the ones they like and throw the rest in the bag, and the little kids look through the bags to find toys that they can play with. The rest of the bead that the people don’t want they can give them to friends that ride on floats so they can throw them next year.
    That is why Mardi Gras is a tradition to have in Louisiana. The floats are amazing to look at. It’s fun to yell real loud and not get in trouble for it. There’s lots of food to go around so you won’t get hungry and...

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