Marching Band--Extracurricular Activity Essay

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Extracurricular activities provide an amalgamation of benefits for any student. Be it in the form of social growth, disciplinary strength, or pure enjoyment, such benefits may come from a wide array of activities. My personal favorite extracurricular is the school marching band. It's something I've done since freshman year and have developed a rather obsessive passion for. It's had such a profound effect on me that I follow professional drum corps the same way many Americans follow football. The pinnacle of all things nerd, The marching band is somewhere I feel stronger, more powerful, and part of a giant family of seventy students and five staff members. The discipline demanded by a successful marching band is intensive and relentless. Members of the band stand at attention for extended lengths of time. They run from set to set repeatedly throughout the day, perfecting each movement of a performance. It's this sort of discipline that I feel much of our generation lacks, coasting through their lives doing as they please. The students who talk back to teachers, contest every piece of work assigned to them, bad-mouth anyone who disagrees with them, and generally act like fools, these are the ones that would be whipped into shape by a marching band. Respect is demanded, rules are upheld. Our generation would be far more respectful and disciplined with a greater presence of marching bands. It's not only the growth as a person I've attained through band, but equally the family I've met through it that makes me love this program more than any other. My friends from the band are the most genuine, hospitable, and selfless people I've ever met. I have friends who've graduated years ago that I still talk to frequently. Only in a marching band can I see this kind of bond form. Everything the band has achieved, all of our awards and memories are shared by all of us as one.

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