'March Of Dimes': Commemorative Speech On Polio

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Terri McGill 9/10/2012 COM-231-06X-2012FA Commemorative Speech “March of Dimes” Polio, one mans pain and suffer changed the lives of many individuals and babies forever. With the challenged he faced he decided to make a difference and use it as a tool to help research a cure for polio. This was a strong man and a man of his word. He was the president of the United States and the founder of March of Dimes Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1938. He completed his mission by finding the cure for polio. He funded the research for vaccines developed by Jonas Salk, which ended the epidemic polio in the United States. Being that his mission was completed the foundation started to focus on preventing birth defects and infant mortality. On the day of birth, 15 weeks early Riley weighed in, as one-pound 10oz. Weeks of being in Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Riley’s future was unknown and questionable. She could not live a normal life. She could not play outside or go to family outings. She had…show more content…
‘He developed NEC, rejecting feedings and his bowel becoming inflamed and infected, very common in preemies. He underwent a drainage procedure and surgery, both of which went well. However the days following surgery many battles began. Grayson suffered severe blood loss that was unable to be controlled by anything, even 24/7 blood transfusions. This led to many more battles for Grayson, his kidneys shut down, (Respiratory distress syndrome.) RDS became more severe, uncontrollable blood pressure and high heart rate, labs became increasingly worse, edema set it all over his body, including his head, lungs, and heart, and he suffered a grade III hemorrhage in his brain overnight.’ (Mason) Due to this complication Grayson lost his life on July 24, 2012. With the support from March of Dimes his mother was able to share her story with everyone to help bring awareness and prevention on having premature

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