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The Republicans’ Cruz missile Coal’s dark future Development tips from Moses The Bibi–Barack bust-up MARCH 28TH– APRIL 3RD 2015 Lee Kuan Yew: his life and legacy The whole world is going to university Is it worth it? A SPECIAL REPORT TO BREAK THE RULES, YOU MUST FIRST MASTER THEM. THE VALLÉE DE JOUX. FOR MILLENNIA A HARSH, UNYIELDING ENVIRONMENT; AND SINCE 1875 THE HOME OF AUDEMARS PIGUET, IN THE VILLAGE OF LE BRASS U S. T H E E AR LY WATC HM AK ER S W ERE SHAPED HERE, IN AWE OF THE FORCE OF NATURE YET DRIVEN TO MASTER ITS MYSTERIES THROUGH THE COMPLEX MECHANICS OF THEIR CRAFT. STILL TODAY THIS PIONEERING SPIRIT INSPIRES US TO CONSTANTLY CHALLENGE THE CONVENTIONS OF FINE WATCHMAKING. MILLENARY MINUTE REPEATER IN PINK GOLD, WHITE ENAMEL DIAL. AUDEMARS PIGUET BOUTIQUES. 646.375.0807 NEW YORK: 65 EAST 57TH STREET, NY BAL HARBOUR: BAL HARBOUR SHOPS, FL AUDEMARSPIGUET.COM “IT’S NOT JUST STREETLIGHTS. IT’S ABOUT A SENSE OF COMMUNITY” . ODIS JONES CEO, PUBLIC LIGHTING AUTHORITY OF DETROIT At one point, 40 percent of streetlights in Detroit didn’t work. This made life even more difficult for a city that was already struggling. The Public Lighting Authority of Detroit devised a plan to reilluminate the city. But finding a bank to finance the project during Detroit’s bankruptcy was challenging. Citi stepped up and committed its own capital, which encouraged other investors. So far, thousands of new LED lights have been installed, lighting the way as a model for similar projects around the world. For over 200 years, Citi’s job has been to believe in people and help make their ideas a reality. © 2015 Citibank, N.A. Citi and Citi with Arc Design are registered service marks of Citigroup Inc. The
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