March Book One

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Journal 1 Lewis, John, Andrew Aydin. “March: Book One”, August 13, 2013 Reading this book before my first year in college, I never notice the full meaning of the March book cover. March was written by John Lewis and told about his experience with segregation. Unfortunately, it's only a small portion of the story but there's enough information in it to help us understand what was going on at the time. He designed the cover of the memoir a certain way. The top of the comic is the march on Washington led by MLK. It's very significant to the story and its development. One may say it gives a slight foreshadow in the story. The March on Washington was one of the greatest movements that shook the earth and gave way to potential change. It shows that one group of people with similar interest can make a mark on the world. They held signs showing what they were marching for. One could see both men and women, young and old, all marching practicing the way of Gandhi, who believed in nonviolence. The sit-ins were the act that lead up to the March on Washington. Sit-ins were a form of protest that required people to sit inside a white-only restaurant and ask to be served. There's a sign on the table that says "Counter Closed" and white waiters are walking away with angry faces. It's easy to see that the waiters refuse to serve them. Even if they do they're community will shun them and treat them like the colored. So they have no choice, but to shun them. This image shows the bravery and courage of the colored who wanted equal rights and freedom of
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