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describe the basic plot:Marcelo Sandoval is eighteen years old and planning for his summer job in between his junior and senior year at Paterson High School, a special prep-school which caters to children with mental disorders. Marcelo has a very mild case of Autism which results in him having social problems, difficulty focusing on multiple things at a time and hearing this strange music in his head. He is looking forward to his summer job of being a stable master and taking care of a special herd of Halfinger Ponies until he finds out that his father has made other plans for him. Arturo Sandoval, Marcelo's father is a senior partner in a law firm and is convinced that Marcelo should not be grouped with people who have more severe cases of mental disorders. He thinks that Marcelo can become more normal if he interacts with "real people". Arturo decides that it would be best for Marcelo to go to a normal high school. Marcelo is mortified and immediately refuses until he hears his father’s counter proposal, to join him at his law office for the summer, working in the mail room. Auturo makes a deal with his son stating that if Marcelo could not last the summer at the law firm, then he would go to a normal high school; but should Marcelo finish the summer following all the rules and social protocol, he would be able to choose whether he finishes his final year at Paterson or goes to a normal High School. At the law firm, Marcelo meets Jasmine, who he works with and befriends in the mail room. During his work he comes across a file containing a picture of a girl with a major portion of her face disfigured. Marcelo is mesmerized by the picture and is strangely drawn to it. Together, he and his new friend Jasmine embark on a journey to discover who this girl is, which leads them to Jerry Garcia’s office. Jerry Garcia owns a small law firm that defends the less

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