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John Reese Health EducationDr. JiangPosition Paper Before marijuana was illegal it was known as the largest industrialized crop in the world. Clothing, paper, medicines and vast amount of other products were made from marijuana “hemp” material. If marijuana was so useful and widely produced, why was is it illegalized? Some of the first research that scientists did on marijuana were done specifically done to point out the negatively in marijuana. Over 70 years ago, people believed that smoking marijuana will make you become angry, and violent. But other recent studies and public surveys show that marijuana didn’t make u mad or crazy but instead calm, relaxed and free of stress. And personally smoking marijuana, I feel those positive affects. Marijuana had never made me violent or brought me feelings of hate. It gave me a sense of hope and joy to my life; happier and less stressed about my worries. Laws for punishment for the use of marijuana since the first time its been outlawed have been greatly reduced. In fact California, last year, had a proposition called “prop 19” which if it was passed would make the use of cannabis legal in the state. But unfortunately it wasn’t passed and I believe for all of marijuana’s miracle uses, it should have been. If marijuana is legalized, will everyone start smoking it? Will people be pressured more by their peers, family members, and friends if it was legalized? Yes and no. Its usually depends on your own personal preference. If you decide your not going to smoke ever, legalizing marijuana or being pressured by other people shouldn’t change your decision. And I understand why some people don’t want to smoke. Some usually say that marijuana could be a gateway drug to harder drugs or it can cause laziness or make you become useless to society. But this isn’t true. Some of the most innovative thinkers of all time, smoked

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