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Maos Last Dancer Essay

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  • on April 28, 2013
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Mao Last Dancer
Compare and Contrast the themes of freedom and oppression in the movie.

Today I will be talking about the move “Mao’s Last Dancer” directed by Bruce Beresford. I’ll be focusing on the contrast of freedom and oppression and the themes throughout the movie, which highlight these to topics. Oppression (the exercise of power in an unjust and unfair manner.) the themes and examples I feel are necessary to the topic are; The freedoms and day to day live of the Americans in this movie, Then in contrast that of the Chinese citizens in the movie and finally at how the more people discovered about the battle with Li and China how it changed there previous opinion.

So lets began talking about the life of the American characters in the film, and how much freedom and individualism they are allowed to show and have. The first example, which is extremely different in both countries, is the right to Freedom of Speech. When Li attends a night club with members of the Houston Ballet, him and Dilworth have a conversation in which Dilworth points out the badge of Chairman Mao on lies shirt, Li straight away without even being asked rather defends his leader with “Yes I Chairman Mao he does good things” he then proceeds to ask Dilworth “Do you like American President?” he the receives the response “Oh Li, I don’t even like him let alone love him” Li is shocked and quickly tells Dilworth to quite down (obviously a habit developed because those who speak out against Chinese officials are prosecuted), Dilworth’s response   is “This is America Li” This shows great contrast between the Freedom and Oppression. In one country you are allowed to speak up if there is something you do not agree with where as in the other you have to remain silent. Another theme, which I feel Bruce tried to portray, is the theme of “individualism” In America the people are allowed to think for themselves, they have the right to express themselves through whatever outlet they chose music,...

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