Many Theories To Advertising Essay

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There are many theories to advertising. Most theories of advertising consist of how ads are developed and what you must know to create an ad. There are many details you must know about advertising in order to come up with a successful advertisement. Advertisements for products are what catch people’s attention. If you do not get your audiences attention right away, you have not yet made a successful advertisement. In ad developing you must first identify the target audience. You can’t begin speaking until you know who you’re speaking to. Dividing the audience is also an important factor. Divisions can be by age, sex, race, income, education, or gender (Mavromatis online). The advertiser writer is much like a teacher who will study psychology. Their object is to influence the human mind. Human nature is a great factor. The advertiser seeks to attract attention and to sell goods. While attracting attention to the goods, they must create a favoring impression for them too. The advertising space consists of habit, self, conception, discrimination, association, memory, imagination, perception, reason, emotion, instinct, and will. The advertising space must create a flood of new thought that should appeal to the consumer (Scott online). There are different types of advertisements. Noninformative advertisements create wants, change, and distort tastes. Good advertising is something consumers are willing to pay for. Bad advertising is something consumers pay to have removed or must be compensated to accept (Becker online). The effectiveness in advertising is important. People’s attention span is narrow. We are unable to attend to many things at once. There are always multitude of things competing for out attention (Scott online). There must be enlightment in advertisements. If people are exposed to ads repeatedly, they
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