Many Hats of Community Psychologists

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DEPARTMENT: BACHELOR OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT COURSE: COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CLASS: YEAR 2, SEMESTER 2 ASSIGNMENT NUMBER: ONE ASSIGNMENT TITLE: COMMUNITY PSYCHOLOGY LECTURER: MISS THANDIWE MATAYATAYA BLANTYRE INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY PRIVATE BAG 98 BLANTYRE DATE: 28/02/2013 STUDENT: Mavuto Kholowa Participatory Development Initiatives P.O. Box 19, MACHINGA CELL: 0881423454/0999609007 Community psychology is a broad field of psychological study that examines the relationships of individuals within a community, the relationships of individuals to the whole community, and the relationship between a community and society as a whole (Orford, J. 1992). It is concerned with social systems and the well-being of individuals in the community set up. Community Psychologists play different roles in a community such as activism, promote individual mental and social growth, empowerment, counselling, rehabilitating deviant individuals, support and promotion of welfare, act as community change agents and provide support to disaster responses. It is indeed necessary that Community Psychologists “wear many hats” so that they efficiently use their knowledge and skills for the well-being of the society and the desired functioning of the social systems. One of the many roles of community psychologists is to actively engage in social activism. They take a leading role in finding ways and strategies for pursuing for the rights of the poor and marginalised people of the community and are involved in organising people to engage into constructive dialogue with duty bearers who are responsible for providing services that ensure the well being of the community. Community Psychologists also help to raise the capacity of the community to stand up against acts that may damage the environment of the community such as environmental
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