Manufacturing & Service Operations Essay

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The Manufacturing and Service Operations Management Society promotes the enhancement and dissemination of knowledge, and the efficiency of industrial practice, related to the operations function in manufacturing and service enterprises. The manufacturing process varies depending on the size of a company. Many companies like to categorize their manufacturing operations into three categories by how they assemble and process orders; make-to-order operation, assemble-to-order operation, and also make-to-stock operation. Each operation has its own unique way to fulfill their customer’s orders and needs, which is they key to customer satisfaction. We want them to keep coming back! The manufacturing process involves the responsibility of managing your daily day-to-day business processes. You want it to be efficient in terms of spending less resources to just the minimum as needed, and effective in terms of satisfying customer needs. The make-to-order operation is an operation that will not start assembling the customer’s order until it’s received. The manufacturing companies that are make-to-order companies typically tend to be highly specialized in the products they make, such as the brand Dell that specializes in laptops as well as desktops. Order’s first had to be placed through the sales department, and then transferred to the production team to begin assembling the product. Each product tends to be different from each other, in such a special lab top with a certain color keyboard, or with or without a camera. The next manufacturing operation is assemble-to-order operation. Companies that tend to use this operation are car manufactures that want to have the parts ready for installation for their products ready to go. The company divides their operation into assembly and manufacturing departments. Companies’ forecast how sales will be, so from that they can

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