Manuel In The Confrontation By Cesar Chavez

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“The Confrontation” The main character, Manuel, was the strongest worker of them all. Not by how he works, but how he shows all his heart to stand up for him and his fellow workers. It takes a real man, like Manuel, to stand up for so many workers. You can compare Manuel to someone of such great achievements like Cesar Chavez. In “The Confrontation”, despite Roberto’s humiliating statements and actions towards the workers, one brave farmer, Manuel, stands up for all the farmers with honor and pride against Roberto’s oppression and degration. For example, when Manuel is picking fruit, he falls from the dehydration because they are working in the hot sun. Roberto tells him, “Whatsamatter, cant u see straight?” This was very humiliating but Manuel was too tired to d anything about it, he couldn’t even curse. To prevent this from happening, he should’ve drunk more water before he started working, and he also could’ve worn a hat. If he…show more content…
He showed he wasn’t afraid to stand up for what was rite and for his pay. This is the way that everyone should be. If it were like that, everyone would have more money, and hopefully better lives. They went on and argued some more, and Manuel went and kicked his bucket. Everyone starred in awe as he walked over to another one and kicked it over. As a result for his action, more and more workers kicked their buckets down. They understood that what Manuel did showed his courage and that he had thought of a way for them to keep their money. Roberto finally decides to take nothing from the workers. He realized that they have worked together to keep their money and to become one. He probably wont tell the head people what had happened because I would make him look like a bad boss for not keeping his workers under control. They’ll probably make a really big deal out of it and fire Roberto, thus having to hire someone new and who knows how that’ll work
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