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Kyle Knickelbein 200601890 English Honours: Literary Theory Lecturer: Dr. Dianne Shober October 7, 2010 A Feminist Surveillance of Katherine Mansfield’s Selected Short Stories of the “New Dawn” Essay 0|Page A Feminist Surveillance of Katherine Mansfield’s Selected Short Stories of the “New Dawn” “I am a writer first and a woman after” – Katherine Mansfield Two important constituents which Katherine Mansfield would embrace throughout her life was that she was an authoress and a woman – two fundamentally immense features which, collectively, have proven to be the keystone of her own life and has subsequently been revealed throughout her fictional characters – their circumstances, suffering, grapples and experiences in the numerous short stories written by her. Despite the numerous themes central to modern writing, Mansfield is noted as a celebrated writer who, by means of her short stories, captures the essence of modern Western society, particularly the class and gender struggles which have become synonymous to her own adulthood, by essentially brining her reader to the realization of the need for the emancipation of language and literature as both an edifying and enlightening agent. During her ephemeral life, Katherine (Kathleen) Mansfield Beauchamp (1888 – 1923) had been gifted with the ability to articulately devise strong narratives with characters so real and scenes so pertinent and habitable that one cannot help but appreciate the reason for the iconic status of her work and why it is still renowned today. From her New Zealand roots in Wellington, Mansfield had been afforded with a financially contented family , yet she is seen to have had somewhat of a rebellious nature towards society and the many people who had come to grow close to her throughout her life. Mansfield‟s modern writing allows for the exploration of various meanings and underpinnings,

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