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Mansa Musa’s Pilgrimage to Makkah Mansa Musa became king in the year 1307. Like many the Malian kings that have come before him. Mansa Musa was a Muslim. Even though his people followed the religion of Mandinka he did not have a problem with different religions, he allowed them to practice their religion freely. Mansa Musa did not force them to join Islam so he supported the religion of Mandinka and Islam. He strongly believed in Islamic teachings and Islamic laws and he tried to influence those teachings to his life and to the lives of people living around him. When he would have a problem with his people he would strongly try to resolve this problem using Islam laws and try to teach the people the right methods of resolving their problems. Mansa Musa went to make pilgrimage to Makkah in the year 1324. His pilgrimage was the most memorable to the people of Egypt. At his arrival in Egypt he came with a caravan following him. The caravan was made up of 60,000 people and 80 camels each carrying 300 pounds of gold. This in total came to be about 2 tons of gold which was to be distributed to the poor along the way. 12,000 of these slaves were dressed in fine silk. Mansa musa himself rode horse back. He was being followed by 500 slaves who were holding staffs made from pure gold. During Mansa Musas stay in Egypt he gave away so many gifts made of gold. That after he left gold was so plentiful in Egypt that the price of gold dramatically dropped. The price of gold dropped 25%. It took approximately 12 years for the price of gold to return back to the price that it was before mansa Musa’s pilgrimage. After mansa musa finished his pilgrimage he had no money left for his journey back to Mali so he ended up borrowing money from the Egyptian merchants that he met along the way to help him by lending him some of the money that he had given them previously. Before

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