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Manobo Tribe Essay

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  • on August 7, 2013
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Tribes from Mindanao,
Manobo, river people from Cotabato
Manobo, the name may come from Mansuba from man (person or
people) and suba (river), meaning river people. The first Manobo settlers lived
in northern Mindanao, at present Manobo tribes can be found at the hillsides
and river valleys of the north-eastern part of Cotabato.
According to an oral tradition, the Manobo's were led by two
brothers: Mumalu and Tabunaway, they lived by the Banobo creek, which flowed
into the Mindanao River near the present site of Cotabato City. In the 14th
century Sharif Kabungsuan, a Muslim missionary arrived from Johore, to convert
the people of Mindanao. Tabunaway did not want to convert to Islam but told his
younger brother not to reject the Muslim Faith. Tabunaway and his followers
moved up the Pulangi River to the interior of Cotabato, they decided to part
ways and in the years to come established their own tribes. These groups
retained their indigenous beliefs, practices and the name of their original
site, Banobo, which eventually became Manobo; the descendants of Mamalu became
the Maguindanao.
Despite the fact that the various Manobo communities have
been separated there is one common threat that binds them together, each tribal
group culture believes in one Great Spirit. Usually viewed as the creator
figure. The Manobo also believe that there are many unseen spirits who can
intrude in the lives of humans to accomplish their desires. These spirits are
both good and evil in nature and can raise anger and pleasure. There is a
common believe that a Manobo hunter will be killed by his own dogs or prey if
he does not ask for permission first from Lalawag, the god of all forest games,
before going on a hunting trip.
The Samayaan is a native rituals in which omens are read in
connection with the various stages of the farming cycle: clearing, planting,
growing, and harvesting. The first day of the planting season marks the
beginning of the Manobo year,...

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