Manipulation In The Truman Show By George Orwell

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There are many people who are controlled and manipulated by others but there is no one who can 100% control and manipulate, this was evident in “The Hunger Games” with the character Katniss Everdeen. Christof’s control over Truman in “The Truman Show” and the life of Winston in the novel “1984” are other factors that link to control and manipulation. Firstly, Katniss Everdeen was controlled and manipulated into the games by the capitol. They controlled her by watching her every move, as they constantly ‘fixated’ a camera on her as well as ‘tracking’ her wherever she went. Katniss proved that she could not be controlled when she hid from their cameras and was "concealed by darkness". Another example of katniss' rebellion against the capitol’s…show more content…
Big Brother controlled the town of Oceania by manipulating them through their surroundings. Everywhere the people went, they were being watched through “telescreens” that were constantly on and could “never be turned off completely”. This limited the control that people had over themselves so much so that even if they thought wrong against Big Brother, they were punished. This was classified as “thought crime” and the “thought police” were constantly looking for suspects. Being arrested for thought crime was greatly feared as people who were punished never returned, and their “existence was wiped” completely. Another way that Big Brother controlled the people was by signs he installed on the tall buildings. The sign manipulated people into thinking that “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.” Winston was determined to defy Big Brother’s control and he found a way around his watchful eyes. Winston began to write a diary in a secluded corner away from the telescreen writing Furthermore, Truman was also controlled and manipulated by his creator, Christof. Truman wasn’t just the only one being controlled by Christof, he also controlled everyone else around Truman. Christof controlled Truman through the death of his fake father, making him believe that water was not a safe place, which then made him never want to leave the island. Truman rebels by manipulating Christof by pretending to sleep when he was secretly hiding the cameras trying to escape off the island. ??? fix dis 4

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