Manipulation in the Truman Show

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As humans our every action and reaction is affected by our environment. The need for independence and freedom has developed through past generations becoming part of who we are. In “The Truman Show” directed by Peter Weir, the main character, Truman is born into a reality television show called “The Truman Show”. Millions around the globe watch his every move while his controlled reality is unknown to him. Truman shows us that without free will we are easily manipulated, life is rarely surprising and our determination is drastically altered. Choices are being made every second around the globe and they are what change and alter our world. Everyone in Truman’s reality is manipulating him. Directing “The Truman Show”, Christof is the mastermind behind everything that happens in Sea Haven. By making the main characters father disappear while they are out sailing it creates his fear of water. Another example of this would be the television schedule changing according to his life and the challenges he is facing. Also, his wife, Meryl, alters his decisions. She patronizes him when he wants travel making up excuses or bring up that they have been trying to have a child. Using guilt and pushing his fears are tactics she often uses within the movie to deter his thoughts of leaving. His friends all modify his choices by their words, actions and sometimes inaction. When he says he wants to go to Fiji their response is think he’s insane to want a vacation from his allegedly perfect life. Although the problem, which Truman begins to realize, with perfection is that there are few genuine
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