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Manifesto for the post of Branch Councillor Department of Mechanical Engineering Maduri Vydhehi (ME12B039) Vision:  To ensure 100 % placements and internships by exploring all possible avenues to approach companies and through enhanced preparation and training process  Providing relevant guidance and preparation for students interested in further studies or research  Driving the first and second year students towards better academic performance and as well assist them in exploring various opportunities available through enhanced interaction Placements: 1. Enhancing the placement scenario  Contacting various companies by exploiting all possible sources:  Reaching out through websites like Linkedin , Glassdoor,  Startups through Research Park IITM, online sites like AngelList, and other startup accelerators  Effective collection of contacts from professors through the placement coordinators  Companies and recruiters database of earlier years from other IITs, NITs and other major institutions with emphasis laid on companies associated with southern belt  Exploring the possibility of gathering information through frequently held seminars and expos and subsequently contacting companies  Reaching alumni in coordination with the IAR  Project Book: A book comprising of abstracts of projects by BTech, MTech and Dual Degree students of various specializations will be compiled which helps in pitching to companies and driving them to open up  A Proposal: Removal of mention of specialization from the ERF form to provide better and equal opportunities to all students  Offline brochure: Hard copies of the department brochures to be posted to companies in absence of corresponding HR contacts  Feedback: Collection of the placement feedback in December to enhance the quality of the information 2. Placement preparation 

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