Manifest Destiny United States

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Manifest Destiny Manifest Destiny was an era of territorial expansion of the United States, which started from the end of War of 1812 to the begging of the American Civil War 1860. It was the belief that the United State was destined to expand from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. It was originally a political phrase of the 19th Century, first used by Jacksonian Democrats to promote the invasion of the Western United States. Many Americans expanded westwards to seek for, good farm land, gold, animal furs, others sought for religious freedom or just for adventure. Many people crossed over the Great Plains, Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevadas to travel West. In the 1820s, the westward expansion brought the U.S, into conflict with Mexico; this caused the Americans to move into Texas by the Mexican government. By 1830s American Texans sought independence and declared a war on Mexico. In 1836, Americans won the independence from Mexico at the war against Mexico, and Texas became the Republic of Texas, where many Mexicans moved in and were treated as second class citizens. The United States invaded Texas as a state in 1845, this led in to Mexican-American War, which made the northerners to think that it was…show more content…
Even though Buren did not win, he and Free-soil candidate garnered votes to show the party’s motto of “free soil, free speech, free labor, and free men” would not easily be silenced. In 1850, Compromise of 1850 was passed by the Congress to ease the concerns about the threat about the balance between the slave and free states in Congress. Five years later the Congress had tried to settle the issue of slavery in the West by passing the Kansas- Nebraska Act, Kansas and which divided the Nebraska territory into Kansas and Nebraska, this made voters in each territory to decide the issue of slavery by popular sovereignty. By 1856, Kansas had two governments, one proslavery and other
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