Manifest Destiny Chapter 1 Summary

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Concepts: - Manifest Destiny-(U.S. Religio-Philosophical Concept)- That god chose them to be the elite and U.S.’s destiny to expand its territory over the whole of North America and to extend and enhance its political, social, and economic influences. - U.S. FREMANSONRY (MASONIC DESTINY)- - U.S. FILIBUSTERING-filibuster is a mercenary, an adventurer, a pirate or all three.  U.S. Navy invasion of Mexican California: 1842- “Jones Affair” in California (Alta-California) Mexicans would call it. Mexico is caught off guard because they were not expecting any war with anyone. Mexican Governor Manual Michel Torena is taken in to custody  U.S. Army Invasion: 1842 Fremont Expedition (Alta-California) John Charles Fremont leads a U.S. Army of topographer engineers to survey the lands and make maps illegally of mexicos rivers and…show more content…
Expansionism.. Economic incentives if you from point a to point b. Manifest destiny to expand its territory. - Southern “Slavocracy” Movement- (Southern Confederacy) If there was a war the southerners needed to expand their land and not let the northerners take over all the land. (pro slavery)… “The war was fought not just for conquest in general but more particularly to extend slavery and the political power of the slave system” - Northern Yankee Economic Industrial Enterprise- In the growth periods after the last two recessions, New England was one the leading regions in the nation in the fast growing, technology-based industries of those times. (New England was pro war because they use to trade with the Mexicans in California for agricultural. They wanted to cut the middle man (Mexicans) and take over some of the land. San Francisco is the most influenced like New England in the west. - Social Banditry Period-The Post War Period (Outlaws because protesting unfair laws against the Mexicans.) A social bandit is someone who is considered an outlaw by the legitimate law, white remaining a hero to the
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