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Rhode Island College Rhode Island College Philosophy 263 - 03 Manichaeism God’s Research Paper Manichaeism God’s Research Paper God’s Research Paper Religion Manichaeism Headquarters The Manichaean headquarters, the ‘Central Manichaean Temple’, is located in Tehran, Iran. As well, in America, the headquarters is establish in Lexington, Kentucky. No further information is disclose, regarding the direct address of either church. Websites seems to be the main advertiser of the religion. Additionally, all other Manichaean sites link back to this one, thus it is the official website. In this website, one can find the teachings, beliefs, history, and even the sacred writings of Manichaeism. Founding Personality The founding father of Manichaeism is the Holy Prophet Mar Mani. In the third century Babylonia, revealed to Mani is the spiritual liberation of all humankind (Manichaean Temple). Further, he grew up in a Jewish-Christian community, to Elcesaites parents. However, after receiving his first revelation he broke away from his Elcesaites community (BeDuhn). At the age of twelve, the angel Eltaum appeared to him and told him to “go live chastely” and to wait “twelve years before proclaiming himself to the people” (Arendzen). After these twelve years, he when on to preach his newly formed religion. In addition, Mani “proselytized throughout the Persian Empire, and sent his disciples further afield to India, central Asia, and the Roman Empire” (BeDuhn). When his death came around, in AD, he had already established a concrete structure, discipline, and teachings for his followers. Not only that, but despite constant persecution, his teachings exist many years after his death. Symbol Just like in Christianity, Manichaeism is characterized by symbols. Additionally, the following two symbols are the most recognized in Manichaeism.

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