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“Manic Depression” Sonya Pena Anthony Stevens July 4, 2012, 2012 What is manic depression? “ It has a name now I know what it is“ ( gold pg 26 ) Manic depression also known as bipolar disorder, is classified as a type of disorder ( also called mood disorder ) that goes beyond the day’s ordinary ups and downs, and is becoming a serious medical condition and important health concern in this country. Manic depression is characterized by periodic episodes of extreme elation, happiness, elevated mood, or irritability, also called mania countered by periodic, classic major depressive symptoms. There are three types of manic depression: Major Depression or Clinical Depression, Bipolar Disorder or Manic Depression and Dysthymic Disorder. Manic or Bipolar disorder affects more than 2.3 million American adults. Bipolar or Manic disorder affects males and females equally although females are more likely to experience more depressive and less manic symptoms. Twenty to 30 percent of adults bipolar patients noticed their first Bipolar or Manic Depression before the age of 20. In the cases of a teen suffering from manic or bipolar. A diagnosis to bipolar or manic depression has to be made carefully by a psychiatrist base on the following test: the adolescent age and medical history, adolescence tolerance for specific medications or therapies, expectations for the course of the condition, the parent opinion or preference. Manic depression is likely to run in families and in some cases is believe to be hereditary. A trigger to this problem is family history of substance abuse; it increases the risk of developing it earlier. The symptoms of manic depression or Bipolar Disorder are: Depressive Symptoms and Manic Symptoms. In many cases Manic symptoms are present before the age of twelve, there are often confused with attention-deficit /

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