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Kiakiuana Dunn Jimi Hendrix’s Manic Depression Manic depression is a complex and highly misunderstood disorder. The disorder is two-pronged problem concerning mood, characterized by separate episodes of mania (elevation or irritability) and depression (sadness or withdrawal) (American Psychiatric Association 4th ed. 2000. pg.317-318). A manic episode could be described as potentially euphoric and excessively enthusiastic and Hendrix’s description completely lacks verbiage suggesting energy or elevated mood (American Psychiatric Association 4th ed. pg.328-329). Jimi Hendrix's description of manic depression in his song “Manic Depression” seems to focus more on his desire to “caress” or feel “sweet music” then on actual mood fluctuations, and lacks the mania element; thus it does not fit the DSM IV description. Hendrix’s description also lacks any descriptions of depressions symptoms as well. While “Well, I think I'll go turn myself off,” /”And go on down”/”All the way down”/”Really ain't no use in me hanging around”/”In your kinda scene”, does potentially suggest a desire to commit suicide in Hendrix’s lyrics, it does not describe the prolonged period of depressed mood and loss of interest or pleasure, that is required for a diagnosis of manic depression (American Psychiatric Association, 4th edition 2000. pg.320). Hendrix’s song does not really seem to fit the mold of manic depression and seems to describe his desire for sex and creative energy, rather than focusing on the mood fluctuations characteristic of manic depression. Cocaine use often creates a “high” that could be considered similar to a mania. A mania is characterized by euphoria, restlessness, an elevated mood, and or irritability, and cocaine intoxication produces similar results. Cocaine intoxication can include the following symptoms as well as hyper vigilance, anxiety,

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