Mangrove Essay

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THAKUR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES & RESEARCH PROJECT REPORT ON ISSUE OF MANGROVES OF ENVIRONMENT MANAGAMENT THOUGHT BY: DR. SUJATA RAO SUBMITTED BY: HEEMA DADHEECH (10) JAI BHATT (61) ISHAN SETH ADITI GUPTA (71) SWETA SINGH (111) JHANVI SOMAIYA (114) ISSUE OF MANGROVES Over exploitation of natural resources has led to serious environmental problems which are of global character. At present, it is commonly accepted that environmental protection is inevitable and essential for the well being and existence of human race. Marine ecosystem is one of the most important ecosystems which contain mangroves, coral reefs and other living things. As like other ecosystem of the earth, Mangroves are being disturbed by the human beings and their developmental activities. The interventions in the dynamic ecosystem of mangroves have increased considerably over the past decades. Deforestation of the mangrove vegetation, Shrimp Culture Industries and other activities has posed serious challenge on the survival of mangrove resources. Our issue is to examine the adequacy of the existing legal frameworks relating to the protection of mangroves and their viability. Significance of Mangroves: The mangrove lands were considered as "waste land" in the past but they have recently been treated as a valuable ecosystem, especially for their special characteristics. Local community peoples have been traditionally utilizing since long back for variety of purposes. Values of mangroves are recognized as "tangible" and "intangible" benefits. The forest of the mangrove ecosystem gives the following economically important benefits: * They provide a source of firewood and wood products such as timber, poles and posts. * Feeding, breeding and nursery grounds for a number of commercially important fish, prawn, crabs and

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