Mangooes Essay

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In “The House on Mango Street” the narrator has given us a blatant interpretation that her family is not where they would like to be in life. As we first meet her, she explains to us that her family lives in a very urban area which contained a lack of aristocrats. The area in itself was unkempt, beaten down, in need of repairs and sanitation. Described by the narrator that “Bricks are crumbling in places, and the front door is…swollen……There is no front yard” (Cisneros 127) and that their backyard contained only a small garage for “the car they don’t own yet”. (Cisneros 127)She is aware that the neighborhood isn’t preset with ideal living conditions. However, if it weren’t for her mother, she would not know the difference. Even before living on Mango Street, the author had not learned of the lavish lifestyle from her own experience. We will see that, by their own disposition, the family is healthy, happy, and hopeful as a unit where they focus on one another. Both the house on Loomis street and Keeler the narrator had lived on were also less than satisfying for the family to live at, but with much less opportunity a less-stressed lifestyle than the house on Mango Street. One of the greatest assets the narrator makes note of in the House is that the family doesn’t “have to pay rent to anybody or share the yard” (Cisneros p127). Once moving in, the family must’ve been elated to be first-time homeowners and have a safe place for the children to play. These are all new sensations for the family, to see that their accomplishments have led to a better lifestyle. While this is great for the family at first, the Excitement of the new circumstances, as does anything new, wears off. For the children, this doesn’t apply as much, since at a young enough age or maturity depending on the child, a private yard can provide hours of amusement for the child. On the other hand

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