Mango Nursery Production Essay

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MANGO NURSERY PRODUCTION A Project Proposal Presented to: The Members of the Panel In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Subject Technology and Livelihood Education (T.L.E) IV AFA II Presented by: King Paolo L. Chiu Project Proponent IV-Pearl Daniel R. Aguinaldo National High school Matina, Davao City Region XI Submitted to: Mrs. Nancy Elena M. Oreiro T.L.E April 2011 S.Y 2010-2011 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page TITLE PAGE i ACKNOWLEDGEMENT iii EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1 JUSTIFICATION 2 OBJECTIVES 3 General 3 Specific 3 PROCEDURE 4 PROPONENT 5 POJECT ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT 6 Project Organizational Chart 6 Duties and Responsibilities 6 BUDGETS 7 Inputs 7 Operating Expenses 8 Revenues

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