Manging Stress in the Workplace

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ISSUES OF MANAING STRESS IN THE WORKPLACE Workplace stress is to be expected. Stress is a natural human response to its environment. In fact, moderate levels of stress are careful essential motivators. However, high levels of stress have the volume to greatly impact physical and emotional health. As leaders, it is our responsibility to assess and manage levels of stress in the workplace to ensure a safe and productive work environment. Stress is a major concerned factor that must be managed, and provides practical advices to help identify and cope with stress. The aim of this paper is to provide insight that will help the reader further improve his/her management competencies in managing stress in the workplace. Workplace stress is to be expected. Stress itself can be good or bad. In fact, stress is a human response to various aspects in his/her environment that comes naturally. They further imply that stress can sometimes act as a motivator. However, high stress levels have the weight to interfere with individual's productivity. Besides, it can have a great impact on their physical level and emotional health. Excessive stress is also costly. This is due to the fact that stress leads to low productivity and encourages truancy. Furthermore, stress can make a worker become resentful toward his/her employer apart from distracting employee engagement. Therefore, it is important for employees to identify any signs of stress among their members and themselves early enough to prevent impacts on the organization's performance levels. This will help individuals recognize the essential problem and seek measures to cope with it. Ultimately, it will reduce the impact of stress on organizational performance and productivity. This paper seeks to identify the sources and types of stress in the workplace and how the signs and symptoms of stress can be recognized by individuals
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