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MGT – 301 – INTRODUCTION TO MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENTS – ALL INSTRUCTIONS FOR ALL ASSIGNMENTS 1. Both the case Studies should be properly typed with the following format, and submitted separately through email only, on the email address --- well before the deadlines. 2. The First Page should contain – Name of the College, Name of all the Students in a group with student IDs, Course Name and Course Code, and Date of Submission. 3. On first page, the date of submission should be written clearly (the date on which the assignments have been e-mailed / submitted and not the actual date when it was required to be submitted/agreed in the class) ; 4. The Answers should start from the third page. 5. The second page should be left blank for Grading. 6. If TWO Assignments are found similar, both the assignments will be marked zero, so be careful ; 7. My Office is in the Jabria-02 Building Room#25, I will be available in my office during office hours only. 8. Please remember – you can always discuss the problems in the classes. CASE APPLICATION – I : Source : CASE STUDY # 1 – Page # 41 (Chapter – 2) Lebanese Canadian Bank : Managing Through Efficiency The Lebanese Canadian Bank (LCB) has been expanding its operations inside and outside Lebanon, throughout the Middle East region. Mohammed I. Hamdoun, board member and general manager, utilizes a specific style in pursuing LCB's vision: "My approach was and still is based in efficiency and servicing the customer in the most personalized way." He adopts state-of-the-art technology in handling banking operations and invests a significant amount of resources on development and training. The way to accomplish the bank's objectives involves knowing each customer's needs and striving to come up with solutions that tackle those needs. What helps

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