Mangaing The Risk Of Fraud Essay

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MANAGING THE RISK OF FRAUD By: Amy Smith AAT #: 10115074 Date: 30 December 2009 Word Count: 3,216 CONTENTS SECTION 1 TERMS OF REFERENCE... SECTION 2 METHODOLOGIES... SECTION 3 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY... SECTION 4 INTRODUCTION... SECTION 5 ANALYSIS OF CURRENT SETUP... SECTION 6 RECOMMENDATIONS... SECTION 7 CONCLUSION... APPENDICES... SECTION 1 TERMS OF REFERENCE 1. This project has been prepared to cover the requirements of Managing Systems and People in the Accounting Environment Of the Technician Stage of the AAT qualification. 2. The rationale behind the report is for analysis to be carried out of the current segregation of duties setup with a view to determining: 3. The competence of staff and any associated training requirements. 4. Whether company quality standards are being met and whether the current processes are cost-effective. 5. Whether the company is vulnerable to potential fraud within the current segregation of duties setup. SECTION 2 METHODOLOGY 1. In order that this report could be written: 2. Using the search engine Google, I have used a variety of websites to help in my research on the topic of segregation of duties and the way this can play into a possibility of fraud within a company. A list of these websites is included in my notes at the end of my report in appendix G. 3. Using my email contact for my assessor and by attending my Unit 10 AAT classes, I have been able to get regular feedback when needed on my research and project. 4. This report was undertaken and written following the AAT standards and written requirements indicated on the Technician Student Record included with this report. 5. This analysis of the finance staff and access to the

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