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The Anti-terrorist Raid! I was walking home alone when suddenly, out of nowhere appeared an outlaw. From afar I caught a glimpse of the sun illuminating a tall, muscular, male figure. I hastily ran to the tower-like building. Holding tightly to my body-heated necklace that my lovable father gave me for my birthday present, I hid hoping he didn’t see me. I swung my school bag around and unzipped my bag quickly. While looking around to see if there was anyone around I slowly took out a sleek, polished gun and was ready to shoot at any minute. I waited quite a while but the outlaw didn’t appear, so I took a peek over the wall and didn’t see any sign of him. I continued to walk down the road normally on my way home as if nothing happened and suddenly I heard a bang and an excruciating sensation stung at my waist. I spun around and a light gush of wind brushed strands of toffee coloured hair against my cheek as a rifle was aimed straight at me. The outlaw’s lips were curved up in a sinister smile. Somehow I felt a cold chill bolting down my spine. The outlaw gave off a creepy and a familiar type of feeling. But it wasn’t the time to be worried about that. I peered down and saw red blood dripping in streams down my waist. I had been shot. My vision clouded and blurred, everything around me began to swirl. I knew that I’ve subsided on the hard, concrete floor. I checked to see if my necklace was still in my hand. It was. The sun ignited on the white pearl. The blurred man moved closer and closer every single second that went by, with his lips still curved with a smirk. He reached towards me and I tried to move away but I couldn’t, I’ve lost too much blood. I tried to catch the last glimpse of the murder with all my might and I was shock, I just don’t understand…it was my father. “Hahaha, Rose, I’ll create the new you,” said my father happily. The darkness started to

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