Mandatory Volunteering Essay

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Mandatory Volunteering Volunteering takes an undeniable position in the total context of life. It also has a hugely significant impact on many societies, I mean it embodies the quality of community service. Having said that, it is a very divisive issue if volunteering should be mandatory or not at universities and colleges. In my point of view, volunteering should not be mandatory for students due to some reasons. Firstly, mandatory volunteering takes the student's time and makes their life more complicated. Needless to say, the students have to meet academic requirements if the university or college where they study. However, a lot of problems emerge like the lack of time for doing home assignments or extreme tiredness while doing simultaneously mandatory volunteering and studying. Secondly, mandatory volunteering does not meet the conditions of democracy. According to the constitution of most countries, everyone has rights to do or not to do anything what he or she wants. If someone forces another person to do mandatory volunteering, it is absolutely unacceptable and against human rights and the law. Finally, the desire of helping other people should come from your soul. Everyone had better be a volunteer on account of his or her craving not because of the requirement. If somebody force another person to be a volunteer, he or she probably will not be keen on this. However, everyone would feel self-satisfied if he or she fulfilled such kind of obligation with his or her own desire. The supporters of mandatory volunteering always stress that there are an army of people who need the aid of others. For this reason, everybody had better be a volunteer. Nevertheless, there are also an army of people who make a contribution the helpless people. The most essential point is that the majority of this type of people organize this

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