Mandatory Uniforms Essay

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Children bustle through the doors of a freshly painted, clean, and shiny school, greeting their friends with excited hellos, making their way through the crowded hallways to their first class. Chairs squeak, small voices echo through the big classroom. The first day of school begins, not at all different than the year before, and the year before that. As the teacher looks over the fresh faced class, she notices the faces of her students. Gone are the days of the flashiest dresser getting the most attention. This is a classroom with children dressed in the same shirts, vests, ties, and slacks or skirts. The students in this school wear a uniform. School uniforms range from the formal to the informal. The more formal black or navy slacks or jumpers, white shirts, ties and vest have been replaced in some schools by khakis or jeans and knitted sweaters, oftentimes based on the school colors. Many school districts that have implemented school uniforms have provided some sort of financial assistance for families that can not afford the extra expense. Also, with school violence at the forefront of many parents minds, uniforms are a topic many parents are considering. Schools that require their students to wear uniforms are often more successful, see a lower rate of violence, and have an overall feeling of unison. Therefore, school uniforms should be mandatory in public schools. The school years starts and parents drag their heals, their children hauling them from one store to to the next. Like mice in a maze, they follow along, looking for the light at the end of the shopping Mall. Their "cheese" is the car in the car park, that offers them a brief respite from the shopping hell forced upon them by the upcoming school year. Money squirreled away all summer disappears and wallets are depleted. This is the beginning of the school year school shopping season, or the
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