Mandatory Sentencing Essay

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Mandatory Sentencing [pic]Corina Fragozo SOC 120 Introduction to Ethics an Social Responsibility Prof. Samone Norworthy July 17, 2012 What is mandatory sentencing also called mandatory minimum sentencing or the three strike law, they are prison terms required by law for certain crimes. This law was created mainly for those related with drugs. This law has moved on to be called the three strike law because in some states if you are convicted of a similar crime three times you are sentenced with a minimum sentence without parole. In some cases you could be sent to jail with a sentence of 25 years to life for a crime like robbery. An examination of mandatory sentencing will show how mandatory sentencing is harsh and does not look at the individual as one but looks at the crime as one. Mandatory sentencing first started during 1970 and 1980s and was intended to decrease the amount of crimes in certain areas. When this law was passed judges began to give a certain amounts of years to a criminal without parole for certain crimes. Mandatory sentencing does not look at the person’s role in the crime or any other factors, and each crime in committed differently even though the crime might be the same. This law was made intentionally for drug related crimes in order to try to win over the drug war, the result of that was non-violent drug offender with harsh prison terms overcrowding our already crowded prison. “While proponents of Mandatory Sentencing law argue that its crime-reducing benefits will offset the cost of housing additional prisoners” (Schmermann,1998). Mandatory sentencing has been grown to be called the three strike law, which means if a criminal has committed three similar crimes he must have a mandatory sentencing, for example you can serve up to life if you commit the same crime three

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