Mandatory Preschool Essay

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Mandatory Preschool: A Joke Obama before becoming president made promises in his campaign and once elected in his inaugural address he remade his promises to show the people that he would be an honest president. One of the most important promises made by the now current president was to help America come back from the educational downfall. To help with education Obama decided to raise the budgets of preschool programs such as Head Start and The Early Learning Challenge Fund. However the issue has come up that who will pay for these programs and the answer is the tax payers, the money that tax payers give to the state will be placed to help with Obama’s new educational program. If Obama’s new education program passes however all children from ages of three and four will attend mandatory preschool. Now the question is; is it necessary for our new future generataions to be rushed into school as soon as they turn three? Children should have the right to grow up naturally and it is not bad that there is preschool but preschool should not be forced upon by the state or the government. If unavoidable the choice should be left up to the legislation of each state separately to decide on whether they will make preschool mandatory. Between the ages of 3-5 is a time for the growing child to learn and to experience their early moments in life with their parents not separated from them. In certain cases it is understandable if both parenst must work to support the family then they of course should have the option of sending thier child to preschool but that should be a decision that the parents themselves should have a right of making not made for them. In there is a list of the positive side of preschool, items on that list are; “learning to make friends, learning their ABC’s, learning how to paint and etc”. This list is true because children will

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