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Mandatory of Teen Anger Sex-Ting Legal Punishment Essay

  • Submitted by: fatimaali1
  • on June 5, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Mandatory of Teen Anger Sex-Ting Legal Punishment" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The article “teens should be punished legally for ‘sexting’ ” was published by Age of Consent in 2010 .   In this article, the author argues with parents and some experts who are against punishing teens legally for sexting. In This article, the author discussed how sexting can have serious repercussions and how are some of the convicted teenagers’ parents and liberty parties’ experts rejecting these punishments with excuses that the teenagers are not adults and they do stupid things and having technology was one of these excuses. The author was somewhat effective in using pathos, logos and ethos to convince the rejecting parents and experts of the mandatory of teen’s sexting legal punishment.  
By using logos and pathos appeals, the author introduced two reasons or circumstances that motivated him or her to write this article. First reason in which the author used a logos appeal was that sexting is becoming a commonplace and he or she supported that by the statistics of the survey by the National Campaign to Prevent Teenage and Unplanned Pregnancy and cosmogirl.com which showed that the receiving people number is higher than the senders “The number were higher for the number who would admit they‘ve received nude or semi-nude images.” The second reason in which the author used a pathos appeal was that “sexting can have serious repercussion” and the author’s evidence was the People magazine’s report about Jessie Logan; and his or her pathos strategy clearly appear when mentioned the tragic fate of the high school girl, “She hanged herself”.
The authors’ purposes of this article are   to appeal or persuade the parents and the expert (especially the once in the liberty parties)   who are against the   teen’s legal punishment for sexting, that teens should be punished legally for “sexting” as the title said and the authority to use the punishment as a teaching role. The author used an ethos and logos appeals to introduce his or her purpose as he/she stated “The best way...

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