Manchurian Candidate: Film Analysis

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You know you shouldn't laugh. You know it's wicked and wrong. You shouldn't laugh when Team America's high-minded opponents reveal themselves to be members of the liberal Film Actors Guild or "FAG". Puppets representing Alec Baldwin and Sean Penn mince around reminding everyone in whingeing voices that they have been to Iraq. Many will wince and wrinkle their noses at this film's sheer, uncompromising immaturity. Perhaps they prefer their satire more middlebrow, more responsible, like that Manchurian Candidate remake. But Team America: World Police is criminally, deplorably funny. The giggling starts at the spectacular opening scene when TAWP take down a bevy of terrorists in Paris - though at the unfortunate expense of destroying the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre - and things more or less continue from there. The explicit puppet sex scene between Gary and Lady Penelope-lookalike Lisa is incredible, in every sense. And I joined the audience in its snowballing delirium at the scene when one of the guys, consumed with drunken self-loathing for having let down the team, hits rock bottom and vomits outside a bar for what seems like 20 minutes. The hi-tech magic of CGI might have expanded the realms of what is physically possible,…show more content…
Yet Moore's ego is entertainingly punctured when he is shown as a smug liberal martyr attempting to destroy Team America's headquarters - by rigging himself up as a suicide bomber. Again, a breathtaking moment of offensiveness: a veritable chain-mail fist through the paper-screen of celebrity correctness. It wasn't that long ago that Michael Moore, in his anti-gun documentary Bowling for Columbine, was interviewing Matt Stone, and generally praising him to the skies as a fellow satirist. And this is how he is repaid? Oh

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