Manchester United A Club Of Glory Essay

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Manchester United a club fueled by the thirst for glory What makes a sport team great? Their size, fans or achievements? I believe consistency and good management are the forces that influence these things. Which is why I chose to talk about a giant in the world’s biggest and most popular sport. Football or soccer as it’s called in the US Ireland and Australia, has became the world’s biggest and most powerful sport. Invented by the English in 19th century, it quickly seduced the world with its simplicity and passion. Today football is massive, with teams that generate revenues bigger than some small countries. In fact, Americans rave about the Super Bowl ratings every year reaching 125 million, yet the 2010 World Cup final had an audience of over 700 million. Its influence goes further, in 2006, the World Cup virtually stopped a war in the Ivory coast, the sport’s influence simply cannot be measured. For decades certain teams have grown tremendously in European countries, among them England’s authoritarian football ruler, Manchester United. Founded in 1878 by the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railroad Company in northern England, United began as a sport club from a department in the company. The Red Devils used red and white uniforms and began a roller coaster ride that would take them from a part time to a giant corporation, while amazing fans not only across England, but the world. By 1909, they built their home grounds, Old Trafford, which was quickly baptized by fans as the Theater of Dreams because of the team’s historic comebacks. Partly destroyed by the German blitzkrieg in WWII. Today it holds a weekly audience of over 75,000, and it’s referred as one of England’s holiest football grounds. A key aspect of the Red Devil culture is the meaning of the number 7. Since its beginning, the

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