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Week2 Assignment: Relevant Laws Professor Brown Gida Abdelaziz August 16, 2014 In the United States there are many laws when it comes to hiring new employees. As a manager in any company really you must always pay attention to rules and laws. Furthermore I believe that managers have a really hard and complicated job. They are the ones people go to when one of their employees makes a mistake. So managers must make sure that they don’t hire people with bad attitude or a bad reputation. In addition managers must make sure that they don’t hire someone who doesn’t have papers (an immigrant). They should also read around and know what they should and shouldn’t do. Also they should avoid illegal discrimination, because the more they follow the rules the better of a manger they will be. However being a manger isn’t as easy as it looks. I currently work with a manager who is also a doctor, it’s a private practice and she works really hard because while she was interviewing me during the hiring process she had so many questions. At first she asked for my resume and saw that I didn’t have any experience but she did contact the school in which I got my associate’s degree from. So what I can say from this is that she was a great manager because she did her part she contacted my teachers and my references, which was very surprising to me because I don’t usually get managers who contact schools and relatives. In addition I believe that managers should also follow the legal rules or hiring young people and people who have the degrees for the position in which they are applying for. Also a manager should respect the applicant’s privacy rights. Furthermore I believe that while being a manger is a lot of work and it takes someone who is committed for the job to do the job right. Work Citied Page "Human Resources." , Policy Manual. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Aug. 2014.

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