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A decision was issued to assign mr. Hazim Taha as the general manager of the general administration for cultural relations in the ministry of higher education. The first meeting was set under the chairmanship of the new general manager and attended by all the administrations' managers, to discuss the roll of managers in achieving the set objectives of the general administration for cultural relations، and to find a way of coordinating and formulating between the different administrations. The meeting started with the general manager welcoming the managers from the various administrations, and he began the meeting by emphasizing to them on the importance of cooperating with him, in order to raise the level of performance and to achieve administrative efficiency in the general administration. He also made it clear to them that this will only happen through the practice of leadership in their managerial tasks. At this point of the meeting, one of the members in the meeting, mr. Khalid Fahmy (manager of computer technology in the general administration) interrupted the general manager (the chairman) and argued that his job is of a technical nature and that it does not demand of him to know the notions and requirements of the administration, also adding that management is no more than gained experiences supported by technical knowledge. The chairman disagreed to mr. Kahlid's opinion, and the discussion became intense, right then the other managers had to intervene and calm the situation. Afterwards each of the other managers gave his opinion on the matter. However, at the end of the meeting, the mangers did not reach to an agreement on what the key aspects of the administrative process and the role of managers at all levels is in the implementation of its various stages. How do evaluate this situation, regarding the reaction of the general manger، the

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