Managing Time as an Adult Learner

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Study Skills: Managing time as an adult learner Dawn Kent American Public University Dr. Angela Gipson Study Skills: Managing time as an adult learner Adult learners are those people, who are over 18 years of age and are involved in some form of learning. They can be working parents or other people living with their families, who are also doing their jobs and want to do something better for them. Time management is one of the most important challenges faced by adult learners as it is a limited commodity, and they have a number of assignments and related tasks to do. Therefore, it is very important for adult learners to have a good level of skills in managing their time (T, 2014), if they want to improve their life through higher education. Management of time requires the coverage of two important issues: getting the time to do something important such as study, and then using that time appropriately. So, first thing to do is to have an estimation of “real time”. Adult learners have to know, how much time they can give to study as it is not possible to give 24 hours only to study. Adult learners can estimate the real time for study after removing the time for other necessities of life such as eating, sleeping, shopping, and family. It is important to wisely manage the real time for study. They have to focus on the study related tasks in this time as for example they can divide this time, and perform critical thinking, writing or focused reading. Utilization of small chunks of time for completion of minor study tasks is more helpful than giving a large time to a single task. Similarly, breaking of large study tasks into smaller pieces and working on those tasks within time can be of much help. Sometimes, learner’s real time does not match with the time during which he or she is more efficient as for example, many students find early morning as the most

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