Managing the Transfer of Thermal Energy

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Check your learning: 1. Describe an idea in the reading that is new to you. How does this idea add to your understanding of how we can manage energy transfer? 1. The idea that is new to me is I never knew green roofs reduced energy transfer year- round or reduces 10 reduction in heating costs during winter and 25 saving in air conditioning costs in the summer. It adds to my understanding because when sun heat energy is coming or transferring to the green roof. I knew that it wouldn’t cost lots of money in the end for the owner to pay. So when the green roof heat up it doesn’t take lots of sun heat or energy. 2. Why is it important to consider the transfer of energy when building a house? 2. It is important because when a house is transferring lots of energy, it losses heat at winter and losses coldness at summer. If it does then you waste your money because of what you paid for it is not working. 3. Explain why the walls and doors of refrigerators and freezers contain thick slabs of polystyrene foam. 3. This is so because the R- value of polystyrene foam is high so the heat from the outside of fridge or freezer cannot transfer to inside the appliance. 4. High- quality modern homes are very sealed. (a) How does this help conserve energy ? (a) It helps by moisture from outside cannot get into the house (b) What problem might this create? (b) The problem it can create is any moisture inside the house- from people breathing, cooking, and taking shower- is trapped. Here it may help mould grow and wood

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