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Managing Streess Essay

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  • on December 2, 2013
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West Los Angeles College
Living With Stress

Jay Kedrick
Health 11
Intrucstor: Jitendra Kuckreja

The level of stress that we come in contact in life can be beneficial or detrimental to us. Most stress is manageable and welcomed in our lives. The right amount of stress contributes to our success. It is called optimum stress, the area of best performance on the inverted U. -STRESS AND PERFORMANCE MINI TOOLS. It states that on the left side of the there is no pressure on us to perform our duties. If there is no incentive or reward that rewards us for a job well done than there is no pressure to bear and live becomes boring. The middle is where stress is under control and manageable. You need some stress, pressure in order to achieve a goal. This is where we enter the area of our best performance. We focus on the task and perform well, with enough pressure on to focus our attention but not so much that it affects our attention and our performance.   On the right side of the upside U is for uncontrollable high stress.   This is what causes anxiety, and long term unhappiness and an emotional or physical demand “stressor” that causes your body to release powerful neurosurgicals and hormones.    

In this difficult   economy Work has no definition in what we do today. One of my daughters just got her B.A and wants to go to graduate school this past June. S
+he has gotten a job, but not in the field that went to for.   She will be making a minimal amount of salary and will probably work less than 30 hours, with no medical insurance in a company that will struggle to survive. This idea worries me. Everytime she calls my ears perk-up. Does she need money to pay the rent, will she have to move back home because she can’t meet her bills.
I worked remodeling homes and the business has completely dried up. I find occasional work   but I wished the work more often.   So I’ve been overly stress for a long time.
My brother

who lives on the east coast is...

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