Managing Stage Fright Essay

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Lessons in Forgetting Anita Nair The story unfolds through the telescopic eyes of Meera , through whom we come to know of various others persons in the periphery of her life. It is interesting that Meera , the successful corporate wife tries to cope with the desertation by her husband Giri . she encounters Kitcha who is trying to find the reason behind the current predicament of his beloved daughter , Smriti. Meera had always thought of herself as Heera .... The story is also about Kala chithi who has bravely walked out of a mirage of a marriage to the shock of her parents ... presenting her long hair cut at her nape to her husband for keepsake. The rebellion in Kala chithi is way beyond her times , her ability to assert herself in the face of such opposition wins our hearts. Smriti is kitcha’s daughter , a rebel who has pricked her body at every conceivable place , but a girl who is ignorant of the conventions of Indian society . she , is however , a reformer at heart , a fighter , and is bent on taking up the cause of female infanticide in a remote village in Tamil Nadu , though she is aware of the dangers hidden within. Perhaps she underestimated the efficacy of the brute force which she was setting herself up against. Jak or Kitcha In his childhood he faced the rejection of a father who decided to take up sanyas at the prime of his life , calling him and his mother a bandhanam. The numerous sub-plots weaved into the story of meera blend seamlessly .. and the story moves from Bangalore to minjikapuram to America with ease allowing the reader a peep into the lives of kitcha ,Nina, Vinnie, Kala ... and many more ..what is interesting is that the more i spend time reading the book the more the book grew into my consciousness and i found myself thinking about smriti , nina Meera’s disenchantment , smriti’s stubbornness,

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