Managing Research Design Essay

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In trying to determine where to locate it’s outlets in India, Coffee Time had to analyze considerable data. The outcome of the data analysis consists of information regarding the various locations and how the limitations of the data affect the validity and reliability. The outcome also shows what additional necessary information is needed to make the decisions on locations in India as well as shows how to obtain a random sample. Lastly, the data shows what decision making strategies are needed to address the constraints placed on Coffee Time while reviewing the complete picture of Business Development. Coffee Time has identified India among other South Asian countries as possible sites for expanding business. Upon returning from a trip to India, Brad Collins, Senior Vice-President of Marketing worked with Total Access, Coffee Time's market research firm, to organize data that would be viewed concerning India and its potential market. Brad's diary noted that India is a country constantly developing and expanding its economic base. The country has a population three times that of the United States but is only a third of the size. There is a mixture of small villages as well as busy cities that make up this diverse country. India is ranked as one of the most influential economies of South Asia. Lastly Brad's diary spoke of how India's government supports the growing market and recently experienced reform that would assist with new opportunities for business oriented people and entrepreneurs. Total Access put together a snapshot of India to include the following facts and figures: the area is 3,287, 590 sq. km; population of more than 1,000,000,000; with New Delhi being the capital city. While Hindi is the national language of India there are approximately 24 major languages and English will be important when it comes to relating in commercial communication.
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